Our Brand Story

We are a children’s lifestyle brand that produces and distributes collections of reasonably priced, beautifully made, and fantastic quality products- for children aged 0 to 12 years.

Our aim is to meet the demands of our customers-people like you, who are looking for styles of high quality and unique design that offer durability to keep up with the hectic pace of life that our children keep these days.

We take time to select quality materials and we really pay attention to the details. Kaboosia styles are made to survive wash after wash and be kind to children’s skin. The extra- soft cotton in classic solids and prints come every season in classic colors of blue, red, pink and white.  To keep things fresh, we throw in some more daring pop colors, which create the perfect balance and our signature style of “modern classics”.

The beginning framework of Kaboosia was started in San Sebastian in 2007 and kicked off the brand together in 2008, based on the need for outfits for children that were comfortable enough to play in at the park, yet still appropriate to wear while attending a family lunch with the grandparents.  AND…from there Kaboosia grew, as it seemed there was a real demand for this type of daywear that was very “smart” and comfortable.  

Kaboosia is the phonetic version of "Kabuxia" - a Basque word for a small fish species that lives in the rocks of the Cantabrian coast.  To try and catch these fish is a genuine fun pastime for children in the region.

The “Kaboosia” fish has served as an inspiration for our logotype and symbolizes the spirit of enjoyment and leisure that our clients can relate to. The original logo design had only one fish but it doubled automatically, as if by magic (or technological illiteracy!), and that is how we started this great adventure.


This season marks not only the start of new collection, but also new phase in our brand’s growth, which includes a new name celebrating our Basque heritage- .

As we grow and move into new country markets, it has become more important to have our double fish logo and name trademarked to ensure the authenticity of our products.  We found that there were several names in the registry similar to Kaboosia, so we chose to change to something that is more original like our brand identity and the products & designs we offer you-.


We hope you like the collection and our new name!